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New Japanese food culture scenario


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Authentic ramen restaurant

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SAKURA Sushi Cafe

Modern sushi restaurant


Business philosophy

Attractive Japanese food

The mission of J.P. Factory GmbH is to spread the Japanese food culture, which has been inherited from our ancestors for more than 1000 years, in Germany. To do this, we need to understand the origins and backgrounds of Japanese culture as well as German history, philosophy, religion, laws and social rules. Nevertheless, we don't want to stick to traditions, but rather create a new Japanese food culture that makes many customers in Germany happy!

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Our business

The business areas

Unsere Aufgabe ist nicht nur die Restaurants selbst zu gehören, auch die amerikanische Esskultur in Deutschland zu gehören und zu kontrollieren.

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Support for Japanese companies in opening a restaurant in Germany

We offer Japanese companies our know-how in the German market. In our opinion, the German gastronomy market is very attractive for Japanese companies / investors if you get the right know-how.



Japanese restaurant management

We take over catering management of Japanese restaurants for the business owners. With a sublease agreement, we pay the client, as the subtenant, either the rent plus other fixed costs or 5% of the turnover, and we also assume the operational costs and risks, in contrast to a normal consulting agreement with the remuneration system. We examine the object consulted by the business owner economically.
If necessary, we support you with individual interfaces, e.g. menu development, personnel disposition, operational structure, etc.

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Betrieb japanischer Restaurants

We run our own Japanese restaurants and manage everything ourselves, including research, planning, location search, design, PR, personnel recruitment, menu development and establishment of the company. We believe that the market potential for small and medium-sized restaurant chains in Germany is very large due to the decentralized German economy. Our goal is to run 48 ramen and 87 sushi restaurants in Hessen.



"Those who makes be happy more people  will thrive the most."

Ieyasu Tokugawa, the 1st Shogun of the Edo period



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